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The very first venture was started when I was living in Australia in 2003, right after I graduated the 1st IDC class of the Zell Entrepreneurship program. SiteOnSpot was an early day Wix – a visual website builder for creative professionals. We offered it as a service, before SAAS became the standard model for software.
One of the mistakes I made with this product was getting heavily invested with an untested intuitions about the features the product should offer. This made us develop and over-kill of a platform and wait for too long before the product first got feedback from customers. We ended up spending resources and losing the time to market. Later I learned the important lesson of Minibal Viable Product and how to test for a product with the highest return on investment versus risk.
13 years into entrepreneurship, having co-founded 4 startups, and now with ESH Media as my 5th venture, if I could give myself one tip when I started I’d say: “this is not the only and last venture you’ll ever start. Think about the next day when making decisions and appreciate the obstacles – they will teach you the most valuable lessons about how the world works, and about yourself.”
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