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Maya Elhalal-Levavi (מיה אלחלל לבבי), Founder and CEO of ESH Media is a serial new media entrepreneur, a curator and host of original ESH Media conference formats, as well as international conference brands.

In 2015 Maya was featured as futurist in Forbes list of 50 Influential Women in Israel, and in TNW’s global list of 100+ women speakers in science and technology. Maya speaks about trends in futurism, emerging science, breakthrough technology and its impact on society, entrepreneurship and innovation.

She is the co-founder and president of EO Israel – the Israeli chapter of a global network of 11,000 entrepreneurs in 48 countries, 4-times TEDx Organizer and host, she has hosted TED MED Live in Israel, Failcon in Tel Aviv, debated for Intelligence^2 and taught new-media entrepreneurship at the IDC MBA program. Maya is a graduate of Singularity University, the Zell Entrepreneurship Program and the IDC Computer Science program.

Maya lives in Israel with her husband Noam and their three kids: Agam, Zoe and Nelly. From ESH Media office in Herzeliya she leads an international team of master telecommuters, all native digital speakers, location independent, beautiful minds.

Maya Elhalal Levavi

 Maya speaks, hosts and curates programs for conferences about

  • Exponential technologies and its impact on society
  • The future of health and medicine
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Content formats and public speaking
  • Women in leadership
Hebrew: A talk about Winning Content formats at the Annual Event Producers Conference (from 3:22)
Hebrew: Women in The Frontier Conference - Moderating a panel of investors and entrepreneurs
Hebrew with EN subtitles: Maya Elhalal Levavi about the Future at Channel 10 morning show
English: Interview with Amnon Shashua (Mobileye, OrCan) at TED MED Live (from 0:46)
Hebrew with EN subtitles: Maya Elhalal-Levavi - A day with Channel 10 News about the future
Hebrew: Channel 10 morning show about longevity and the Future of Medicine Conference

Maya Elhalal-Levavi’s Featured Talks

The Far Future Coming Soon

Human progress may be on the verge of a tipping point. We can’t know for sure, but emerging technologies that many still consider science-fiction are now making possible fantastic innovations that profoundly change life. Moreover, these technologies are improving at a rapid and accelerating pace, and their convergence is a powerful multiplier.  The resulting changes add up to a curve that is steeper than many businesses and organizations are ready for, and it will impact our daily experiences sooner than we realize.

This talk is about what’s coming.

The Risk In Risk Aversion

In a world that’s changing faster than ever, change-aversion vs. agility, may be the defining factor of who makes it and who’s left behind. This talk is about why we resist change, how to introduce innovation in organizations and how to build agility to into the DNA of a company.

This talk is about how to prepare for what’s coming.

Format Is Queen

Content is king? — that was before mobile internet. Now, attention is the new currency. For thought leaders and innovators, the difference between being ignored and making a dent in the world with ideas, is how they are presented.  The future of humanity depends on your next presentation. Today, there’s no shortage of great ideas. This talk is about how to get the right actionable ideas, to the right people in the right way.

This talk is about how to present for impact.


Why aren’t there more women in leadership positions in science, technology and policy making?

This talk is about how we can change the ratio.



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