The 2012 event is a sequel. The full 2012 event info is here and below is all about the First Behavioral Economics Summit for Startups.


Startup-Onomics is about infusing behavioral economics into the core DNA of new companies. It’s about HOW your users make decisions and WHY they make them. And more importantly, understanding the implications of this behavior to your bottom line.


Dan Ariely’s first Behavioral Economics Summit for Startups is lead by an all-star cast of speakers and takes place in San Francisco. The summit will extend to Israel in a 2-day event, streaming speaker talks live and allowing local startups to interactively join West-Coast gatherers.


My friend Abigail Tenembaum and I are both behavioral economics sworn fans and now we have the joy of delivering the this awesome gift from Dan Ariely to about 20 Israeli startups.


The main website of The San Francisco Behavioral Economics Summit for Startups has more about behavioral economics and how understanding it increases site conversion rates, creates effective pricing strategy, improves customer and employee retention and overall help users change the ‘hard-to-change’ behavior.


And here’s all the information about the live streaming event in Israel.


Licensing and localizing


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