ESH Media Mission

Our ability to express ideas and paths for improving life, collaborate in large numbers to make these directions a reality, and spread them globally is key to how far we’ve come and how far we can go.

On the importance
of spreading ideas
Knowledge is the
fuel of our ideas

What fuels ideas and progress is knowledge. Knowledge together with ingenuity provides the building blocks that make it possible for us to come up with fantastic ways to change and improve our daily experiences. From changes that are so small and subtle that we almost don’t notice them to changes that are so profound and significant that we stand in owe when they touch our lives.

While few forces are more powerful than ideas whose time has come, too often new knowledge doesn’t get the attention it deserves, or it takes unnecessary long time to implement and bring real changes. Such unnecessary delays in the application of knowledge is wasteful and expensive — especially in the areas where advancing past old thinking can benefit people the most.

The knowledge challenge
The effects of the digital revolution on knowledge

One big idea, and the many directions that it is being implemented to improve life in the last few decades, is digitalization. We have developed ways to store, retrieve, manipulate and communicate information digitally, about parts of life that are biological, analog, mechanical, and electronic. This means that these parts can now be managed like information technology, with greater speed and effectiveness. It also means the rate of improvement in these areas is accelerated, and in the context of knowledge, that the rate of new knowledge and the challenge to keep up is bigger.

One of the main reasons for the slowness of knowledge dissemination is the current structure of media. By its very nature, media that is focusing on large audiences, mass media and ratings, cannot facilitate the development of ideas that are not part of the current understanding, and  that have an appeal to a small segment of innovators. To a large extent, this is the reason that substantial questions at the early stages of discovery are largely ignored and why the most knowledgeable people on most topics aren’t the ones being heard.

The state of knowledge dissemination

The goal of ESH Media is to cut down the time between new-found knowledge, the people who need this knowledge to make a real difference, and the impact it can make.

Such path from knowledge to application is not going to happen naturally or by accident. That’s why ESH Media is obsessed not only with technology, biology, neuroscience and behavioral economics but also with the foundations of knowledge acquisition — understanding attention, learning, decision making, states of flow, hot states and humor. We are fascinated with these content areas because they help us understand life and the experience of being human, and also because they help us understand how to effectively express and present new knowledge in these very areas. The goal of ESH Media is to develop media that features new knowledge, changes views, and goes beyond the ideas to influencing.


ESH is about getting the right actionable ideas to the right people in the right time and the right way – so that we can create “aha” moments, when something sparks, a mind is changed, and a step is taken in a better direction.

.Maya Elhalal-Levavi
Founder and Curator
and the ESH Media team