FailCon is a conference for startup founders to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success. FailCon is produced in over a dozen cities on 6 continents around the globe and this was the first Failcon in Tel Aviv, produced by Bat-chen Grinberg and Tali Pais. I had the joy of hosting the event and help put the program together. We went beyond startup founders to investors, army officers and politicians.


We heard personal stories of failure from: Yanki Margalit, Naftali Benet, Liad Agmon, Ishay Green, Daria Shualy, Yosi Taguri, Ofer Vilenski, Gigi Levy, Emma Butin, Eden Shochat, Yoni Dariel, Yoel Gat, Roy Tertman, Gideon Amichay, Gil Ben-Artzy, Inbal Arieli and more.


Master of Ceremonies
Panel moderation
Speaker development


Jan 2014
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