We seek out pioneers from diverse fields and from around the world – those whose thinking, questions, experience and skill uniquely position them to be a leading voice.

Our curated thought-leaders don’t deliver stale, canned, memorized speeches. They’re ready to open up topics and to explore them in new formats with collaborators that challenge them.

We feature these speakers at ESH Media original formats and work with them to deliver 1-of-a-kind keynotes at leading international conferences and for forward-thinking organizations.

1-of-a-kind keynotes – this is where ESH magic sparks. It’s a you-had-to-be-there moment that can’t be reproduced, recreated, or re-lived by watching a video. We work our speakers to develop a talk or a workshop that can only be given that day, to the very specific mix of people in the room, and for the purpose they got together.