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Media formats, speakers for conferences and conversations about the future, for forward thinkers and doers that seek new-found knowledge to make real progress in medicine and health-span.


"Amazing intellectual and personal openness throughout the event" [about The Behavioral Economics Summit For Startups]Hamutal Meridor
Hamutal Meridor‎Business Development at Palantir
"Amazing mix of presence, content and process." [about Failcon]Yanki Margalit
Yanki MargalitSocial entrepreneur, Investor, Chairman SpaceIL
"It was an incredible afternoon and the hosting of the event was absolutely stunning!” [about Failcon]Chilik Hochberg
Chilik HochbergSenior Director, Head of Customer Success at BioCatch
"A spot-on mix of current, professional, sweet humor and marvels charm!" [about TED MED Live]Ariella Bechelet
Ariella BecheletCoordinator of TED MED Live Israel
"It was really an AMAZING evening. I laughed a lot, I cried a few good times – and I learned a lot, maybe even about myself." [about TED MED Live] Aviad Kaufman
Aviad KaufmanCEO and Founder RealView Imaging
"Your hosting was the "secret sauce" that took this event to the next level! Can't wait for next time." [about TED MED Live]Keren Elazari
Keren ElazariHacker, Cyber-Security Expert and TED MED Live 2014 speaker
"What an evening! – incredible women, incredible stories" [about TEDxTelAvivWomen]Dr. Shula Reccanati
Dr. Shula ReccanatiManaging Partner at GlenRock
"I was fascinated with the presence, wisdom and charm of the panel moderation" [about Saloona - Women in the Frontier conference] Shira Margalit
Shira MargalitChairwoman at Saloona
"It was a day of understanding, learning, creativity and inspiration, and of great conversations. When are you guys going to re-do it?" [about TEDxTelAviv] Bruno Giussani
Bruno GiussaniTED European director
"I was amazed by your strong performance that inspired us all and gave me personally the energies I needed" [about TED MED Live] Brigadier General Prof. Yitshak Kreiss
Brigadier General Prof. Yitshak Kreiss Surgeon General of the Israel Defense Forces and TED MED Live Speaker
"The host's natural charm and charisma radiated throughout the auditorium. One couldn't help but feel captivated!" [about Education For Excellence event]Benny Landa
Benny LandaEntrepreneur and Investor - LandaNano

It’s about getting the right actionable ideas
to the right people in the right time and the right way.

Upcoming Events

A workshop on integrating innovations in medicine with behavioral economics insights.
Reboot – Sustainable Israeli Healthcare conference and awards
A conference on the future of poverty and access to healthcare in the age of digital health

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Our goal is to create “aha” moments, when something sparks,
a mind is changed, and a step is taken in a better direction



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We seek out the most knowledgable people asking the best questions,
those whose thinking, experience and skill position them to be a leading voice.


Maya Elhalal, Founder of ESH – Future Formats, is a curator and host of media and conferences on technological progress – specifically in health. In 2015 she was featured in Forbes list of 50 Influential Women in Israel, and in The Next Web global list of recommended women speakers on science and technology. Maya speaks about the acceleration of innovation in health, and  its impact on entrepreneurship and longevity.

מיה אלחלל, מייסדת אש – חברת מדיה לפורמטים על העתיד, היא אוצרת תוכן ומנחת כנסים על קדמה טכנולוגית, בבריאות בעיקר. ב-2015 הופיעה מיה ברשימת 50 הנשים המשפיעות של פורבס בישראל וברשימה בין-לאומית של The Next Web – מאה דוברות מומלצות על מדע וטכנולוגיה. מיה מרצה על יזמות וחדשנות בבריאות בעידן של קדמה טכנולוגית מואצת, והשפעתן על הארכת חיים.

Maya Elhalal Levavi

Maya Elhalal-Levavi
ESH Founder & Curator